Enrol in an online interactive video tutorial class


How does it work?

When you enrol in a course, you are assigned to a class with a tutor. The tutor sets the timetable and the class schedules. Once you are enrolled, you can take the live video lectures delivered by your teacher, work through your assignments and discuss with your school mates. You can also ask questions and stay in touch with your teacher through chat until the next class. The assignments are graded so you will be able to track your progress

How long does it last

The duration of the course depends on the scheme of work for that course as will be provided to you on enrolment

How much does it cost

The courses have different pricing starting from as low as N1000. Billing is monthly. Some courses may require additional costs to cover for materials.

How do I get started

Call/whatsapp 08051178327 to get started