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Grooming And Care Of The Body

  1. Identification Of Different Parts Of The Body
  2. Reasons For Daily Care Of The Body
  3. Maintenance Of Body Hygiene
  4. Bathing/Washing The Skin
  5. Functions Of The Hands And Feet
  6. Causes Of Foot Rot

Care Of The Hair

  1. Different Types Of Hair
  2. Caring For The Hair
  3. Effects Of Sharing Hair Care Materials

Care Of The Skin

  1. Different Types Of Skin
  2. Articles For Skin Care
  3. Skin Care Methods
  4. Skin Infections And Diseases

Care Of The Mouth And Teeth

  1. Parts Of The Mouth
  2. Cleaning The Mouth
  3. Dangers Of Not Caring For The Mouth

Personal Health Rules

  1. Cleaning The Various Parts Of The Body
  2. Wearing Clean Clothes
  3. Good Health Habits At Home And School
  4. Clean Surroundings

Health Rules About Work, Play And Rest

  1. Work
  2. Play
  3. Rest And Sleep

Personal Clothing

  1. Different Types Of Clothing
  2. The Need For Wearing Clothes
  3. Footwear

Care And Uses Of Clothes

  1. Why We Wear Clothes
  2. Types Of Clothes To Wear
  3. Fabrics For Making Clothes
  4. Sources Of Fibres
  5. Process Of Washing Clothes
  6. Washing Materials
  7. Care And Washing Of Underpants
  8. Use Of Cloth Lines And Pegs
  9. Use Of Charcoal And Electric Iron

Clothes For Different Occasions

  1. Dressing To Match The Occasion
  2. Traditional Clothes Of Nigeria

Care Of Rooms In A Home

  1. Advantages Of Living In A Clean Environment
  2. Articles For Cleaning Rooms
  3. Steps In Cleaning A Room
  4. Cleaning Agents
  5. Preparation Of Home-Made Cleaning Agents

Cleaning The Sitting Room

  1. Description Of A Sitting Room
  2. Cleaning The Sitting Room

Cleaning The Bedroom

  1. Preparation And Cleaning Of The Bedroom
  2. Making A Bed

Cleaning The Bathroom And Toilet

  1. Cleaning A Modern Bathroom And Toilet
  2. Cleaning Of Pit Toilet

Cleaning The Kitchen And Store

  1. Cleaning Of The Kitchen And Store

Foods In The Locality

  1. Identifying And Listing Foodstuffs In The Locality
  2. Use Of Foodstuffs In Food Preparation

Classification Of Food

  1. Grouping Of Foods
  2. Dangers Of Eating Only One Type Of Food
  3. Food Belonging To More Than One Group
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