Computer Studies

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Self-Paced Learning

History Of The Computer

  1. Early Counting Devices
  2. Later Developments
  3. From Calculating Devices To The Modern Computers

Output Devices

  1. Description Of Output Devices
  2. Examples Of Output Devices
  3. Uses Of Output Devices

Input Devices

  1. Description Of Input Devices
  2. Examples Of Input Devices
  3. Uses Of The Keyboard And Mouse

The System Unit

  1. Components Of The System Unit
  2. Disk Drives
  3. Uses Of Disk Drive
  4. The CPU
  5. Parts Of The CPU
  6. Functions Of The CPU

Storage Devices

  1. Meaning Of Storage Devices
  2. Types Of Computer Storage Devices

The Floppy Diskette

  1. Identification And Description Of A Diskette
  2. Types Of Diskette
  3. Grade Of Diskette
  4. Care Of Diskettes
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