Civic Education

What You Get

Self-Paced Learning

Overview of Civic Education

  1. Components Of Civic Education
  2. Dimensions Of Civic Education

National Consciousness

  1. Meaning Of National Identity
  2. Elements Of National Identity
  3. Reasons for Patriotism

National Symbols

  1. Meaning Of National Symbols
  2. Description Of National Symbols
  3. Differences Between National Symbols And Other Symbols
  4. Respect For National Symbols And Other Symbols

Importance Of Constituted Authority

  1. Meaning Of Constituted Authority
  2. Types Of Constituted Authority
  3. Need For Constituted Authority

Personal Hygiene

  1. Meaning Of Personal Hygiene
  2. Factors That Promote Personal Hygiene

Sanitation And Toilet Facilities

  1. Differences Between Traditional And Modern Toilet Facilities
  2. Ways Of Maintaining The Toilet
  3. Advantages Of Toilet Facilities
  4. Disadvantages Of Toilet Facilities

Drug Laws And Their Enforcement

  1. Meaning Of Drug Laws
  2. Importance Of Drug Education
  3. Roles Of Government Agencies In Controlling The Use Of Drugs

Preventing Drug Abuse

  1. Ways Of Preventing Drug Abuse
  2. Those To Be Consulted When In Doubt Of Drugs
  3. Reasons For Consultation
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