Countries - Curricula and Schools

Nigeria Nigerian curriculum and standardized tests covering all educational levels
South Africa
United Kingdom British National Curriculum and Study Materials for Exams from the United Kingdom
United States Classes covering the Common Core State Standards in the United States. College placement exams, and professional exams
National Open University of Nigeria Online classes for all the courses covered in the National Open University of Nigeria
Ghana All classes related to Basic Education, secondary cycle and tertiary education in Ghana
Information Technology and Computer Programming Online classes covering information-technology related areas like programming languages, computer networking, data structures, algorithms, databases, cryptography, and machine learning
IT Certifications Preparatory classes for IT professional tracks and certifications
International Accounting, Financial, and Management Professional Certifications International professional membership certification training and online classes
Language Learning Learn a foreign language directly from a local speaker
Skills and Crafts Training Learn simple skills and crafts from an expert
Startups, Small business and Agro-business Lifestyle business training and knowledgebase
Medical, Nursing, and Biomedical Professional Exams Online prep classes and knowledgebase for the medical and allied biomedical professional exams